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I am looking for information on John Richard Waller who married Sarah 'Sally' Harrison in Sumner County, TN on Oct 18 1800. I know that they had at least one daughter, Temperance Waller born 1801 who married Jacob Judah Lunceford on July 03, 1820 in St. Clair Co, IL. What I am trying to find out is how was Sally Harrison Waller related to Benjamin Harrison one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?

I am looking for information on John Richard Waller who married Sarah 'Sally' Harrison in Sumner County, TN on Oct 18 1800. I know that they had at least one daughter, Temperance Waller born 1801 who married Jacob Judah Lunceford on July 03, 1820 in St. Clair Co, IL. What I am trying to find out is how was Sally Harrison Waller related to Benjamin Harrison one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?

I am very interested in the Wallers from Bloomsbury and Edmund Waller. I have read all of the information in Part 1 but would like to look at part 2 which I am unable to find. I can get back to Nathaniel Waller and believe we are related to Edmund hence the great search. Can you help me find this? Regards. It is on this page.


Jan Anderson

My great grandmother and great grandfather was Kizar Waller and Charles Lindsey, married in Wayne Co. Ms. 11 March 1908. We have original marriage license. Thank you.
Gwen Pittman

My Great-Grandfather, Joseph Hudgens Waller was born 9 March 1855 in Sparta, White Co, Tennessee. In your searches has this name appeared? We have been looking for several years and we cannot find parents for him. He died 24 July 1928 in Victoria, Victoria Co, Texas. Anything you can pass on to us will be greatly appreciated even if its nothing.
Patsy Young

James Albert Waller married my grandmother Sarah Frances Glass from Jefferson Co. Ala in 1893 in Lincoln Parish,Louisiana. His death occured abt.1915. He and Sarah had three childern. Mereda,Dora and David A. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.
Fran Waller Hinson

I am descended from the Waller family of Roane County Tennessee. The annual Waller reunion for the Tennessee Wallers is held every year at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Roane County on the second Sunday in September. Sincerely.
Steve Robinson

Do know anyone that is related to Malissa or Mallica Wallers she was born abt. 1818 in Tn. I don't know who her parents are but she married a James Starret in 1835 in Harrison Co, Ind. Thank You.
Paula Miller-Cuellar

I am interested in obtaining a copy of the 1696 land plat of the 1039 acres deeded from Elias Downes to John Waller consisting of "Endfield" on the Mattaponi River in St. John's Parish, King & Queen Co., VA (now King William Co., VA) that was apparently introduced as evidence in the 1760s in a lawsuit between John Waller, Jr., and Benjamin Waller concerning a disipute involving their land inheritance from their father. Can anyone either provide me a copy or tell me where I can obtain a copy? A scanned copy can be sent to me at my e-mai; address below. Write me an e-mail if my regular mail address is necessary and I will provide it. Thank you.
Bob Allen

We are searching for any information on Eleanor (Ellenor) Waller b 1809 d 1870 married 2 JUN 1832 Robert V. Jones b 1811 d 1853 in Somerset County, Maryland and their ancestors. Thanks.
Rosina Morris

Looking for more information on the Wallers from Lunenburg co. Va.
Benjie (Curtis)Waller

4th great grandparents John and Ann Waller of Granville NC (1720--1796).
Linda McClella

I found mention of Rebecca Parke Farley Corbin & William N. Wellford on your website. Do you have any other information about them at all (such as a list of descendants, etc)? Thank you very much.
Eugene Leache

Greetings from over the water, in the U.K. Hope this message reaches you. I have been researching a family with surname Todd, living in Newport Pagnell, Bucks., U.K., from a branch of which family it happens that I am descended. The other evening I had typed “Newport Pagnell Todd” into the Yahoo search engine and, on browsing through the sites found, I came across yours, which includes the words “Newport Pagnell” and separately “Todd”. At first sight there was nothing of great importance to my researches to catch my eye, except that I was startled to see the name “Waller” and also “Mary Pomfrett”.
The reason these names came as a shock, is this: some months back I was looking in a shop in Newport Pagnell, a shop which sells old theatre programmes, old magazines, etc., etc. Here, in a box, I came across some old manuscripts relating to a person called Todd, of Newport Pagnell. Although this particular Todd was not in my direct line of ancestry I purchased three of the manuscripts (they date from 1799, 1831, and 1841). The manuscripts are what are known as indentures, and they are mainly dealing with the transfer of some property in Newport Pagnell. They helped to clarify one branch of the Todd family, and led me to finding various wills in the records here in the U.K., none of which will be of any particular interest to you. What may be of interest to you is that the manuscripts I purchased name a person living in the Newport Pagnell property (at some point during the 18th century) as Mary Pomfrett!
More recently I returned to the shop just to have a look at the other old manuscripts in the same box. These others are evidently linked to the ones I had already purchased, involving transfer of the same Newport Pagnell property (and other property) prior to my 1799 manuscript. The sequence of manuscripts starts with a Benjamin Waller of Newport Pagnell, hence my being startled on coming across your web site! The first manuscript is a copy of his will, originally dated 19 January 1734 (the copy, I think, is made in 1797).
Having carefully read some of the files at your web site (and at other related U.S. web sites), I have come to the conclusion that the Benjamin Waller in question here is doubtless the younger brother of your Colonel John Waller (1673-1754), of Endfield and of Spotsylvania. To my message I will attach a Word file,

listing the documents that are/were in the shop at Newport Pagnell. The ones in bold are the ones I have already purchased, including two of the “Waller” ones. The Waller ones are not in my direct line of research on the Todd family, but I bought them a couple of days back to help clarify the Waller connections. I can not see any mention of an American links in any of these documents. My analysis is that they concern passage of property (in and around Newport Pagnell in the UK) from Benjamin Waller to his daughter, Elizabeth Waller (who then married Richard Perrott), subsequently to Benjamin’s other daughter, Mary Waller (who married Silvanus Perrott), then to later members of the Waller family, and eventually to John Todd (peruke maker and victualler; no known relationship to the Wallers) of Newport Pagnell. Mary Pomfrett is mentioned in several of these documents, and even signs one of them (if I recall correctly!), but this is clearly a later Mary Pomfrett that then one who was the mother of Benajmin Waller. Presumably the later Mary Pomfrett is related to the earlier one in some way? If none of the above is of interest to you, I apologise! However, I would be pleased if you could put me in touch with anyone carrying out research on the Waller family in the USA, who you think may be interested. Of course, this UK branch of the Waller family may be too peripheral to be of interest in the States? Finally, do you know if there was any connection between Major William Todd, mentioned at your web site, and Newport Pagnell? Best wishes.
Steve Turner

I am trying to trace the descendents of Jessie Waller, Mother to Maurice Fetherstone Waller, who died aged 26 in Ravenna Italy, on 16th December 1944, fighting for the Allies around the Sennio line. I have recently discovered that Maurice was my Father and knew that I had been born, (ie I was born on the 19th October 1944) as his mother sent clothes and food parcels to my Mother Megan Collingwood, during the latter years of the 1940's and apparently kept up correspondence for many years, possibly as much as 15 years. Jessie and Maurice lived in Victoria, Canada in the 1940's and Maurice was a sergeant in Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Any one who knows of Jessie or her descendents can contact me. Many thanks.

Looking for information on the WALLER family of Lunenburg/Mecklenburg Counties, Virginia circa mid-1700s. Given names I know of are: Edward,James, John, Daniel, Starling, Edward Jr. Will be glad to share the info I have if you are...Thanks
Ed Waller

I am trying to trace an ancestor and need your help. Margaret Waller married Washington A. Henry in Hancock Cty. These were my gg grandparents. Whose children were they? I had always guessed that Margaret was the daughter of Ellis M. only because the birthdates seemed to fit. Do you have this info?
Larry Lynn

I was happy to see your info on the marriages of the Wallers of Franklin Co., AR. I am a distant relative of all of them. Mary E. Shipley Waller who married John Jason Pendergrass was first married to my gg grandfather, John H. Waller, but he died during the Civil War. The other three Wallers you have listed are her children by John H. Waller. I am wondering if you have any additional info about this family--just anything at all would be so greatly appreciated. They resided in Franklin Co., for quite a long time. I know there is a sad and unfortunate story about the death of John H. Waller, and I would so much like to know the facts as to how he was killed. It is my understanding that he was home on furlough from the war when he was killed in Franklin Co. If you have knowledge of this, please let me hear from you. A Waller Descendant

Henry Waller married Elizabeth Ball on Dec 30 1826. Lawrence County. I am researching the Wallers. Henry was my great-great grandfather. Great grandfather was Asbury, grandfather was Dennie, mother was Opal. I would like to share any info that we have in common. Thanks.
Lola Sloan

My name is Deborah Waller and am looking for information on Ava Shoe, daughter of Ladora (not sure of spelling) who was a full blooded Cherokee. Due to the fact that my grandmother's mom passed away when she was 9 years old, there is almost nothing to go on for research. Charlie Shoe was my great grandfather.Thanking you in advance.
Deborah Waller

was obtained from DORA WALLER's death certificate ... The census records show Nancy and Amos living ... children :Thomas John, Alfred, George J. and William Valentine. ...
Hello, I found this on the Internet searching for a William Edward Valentine at one time from Meade county, South Dakota do you have any information on the above William Valentine or can you give me the year of those census records. Any help would be much appreciated.
Janet Clark

Looking for info about Thomas Waller, m. 1765, Jenny Carter. Also, Parson (Pass) David Waller, m. abt. 1850, Monroe Co, TN, Juliana Smith. Can anyone help?
Bob Kastens

I live in England and am researching my family tree. My maternal great-grandfather,William Henry Rundle,married(in Australia) Amelia Maria Starling Waller who was born Oct 3rd 1847,daughter of Captain William Starling Waller and Louise(nee Pickering). Amelia died of cholera in early December(5th or 6th)in Rangoon, Burma(now Myanmar).
If anyone has any further information to add to this I should be grateful to hear from them.
Richard Mackay

Can you help with any information on Robert A. Waller? He was born in Kentucky in 1850 to James B. Waller and then the family moved to Chicago, Il. Robert A. was a prominent real estate developer and civil servent. He died on February 17, 1899. Robert A. Waller High School (now Lincoln Park High School) was named after him, and I am in the process of writing the history of the school.
Colleen Henry

My grandmother was Dora Estelle Waller, she was born May 16th, 1865 in Wisconsin. I have been unable to ascertain where in Wisonsin she was born and unfortunately I do not know the given name of her father -only the surname of Waller. For some reason I thought the maiden name of her mother was Hamilton. I am aware that she had a brother George Waller and I think his wife was Orillia Waller. I did get a copy of her marriage certificate to Charles Newton Boardman on December 14th in 1888 in Ashton, South Dakota. George and Orillia Waller witnessed the marriage ceremony. I was ten years old when she died at my parents home in Hurley, South Dakota on July 5th, 1929. I realize my information isn't extensive but if anyone reading this recognizes a name please do feel free to contact me. Dora and Charles had 3 children, Phillip, Paul and Pearl Newton Boardman. Pearl Newton Boardman married Bernie C. Bach and they had my brother and myself. Thank you for your help in advance.
email Harriette Bach Kollman

I'm looking for ANY information about my father...his parents, etc. He died when I was 11 years old. He and my mother separated when I was only 3 months old and I never met him. I'm so anxious to fill in some details. I hope you can help me, please.
I know he re-married and moved to Toronto. His full name is Robert George WALLER, born Sept. 30, 1931 and died at 37 years old, in 1968. He is apparently buried in Kingston,ON.
First marriage to Sally (Alice) MacAfee, second marriage to Barbara surname unknown. I would be anxious to meet my half-siblings, as well. I know they had two children, a boy and a girl.
Cindy (Waller) Moline

I am looking for any leads on a James W. Waller born 20 May 1831 died 3 April 1903. Married to Magaret Sproiles. He is buried in Washington Co., Tn.
Jeff Barr

My name is Holly Denman. My biological father is Dennis Waller of Centralia WA. I was born in 1963, I am looking for his children, in particular, Melissa and Annie. I believe they are both married now, and in their early 30's. If anyone can help me locate them, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you,

Searching for info on Elizabeth Waller, married to Robert Bathurst . Had son
Edward Bathurst b. 1614. Robert d. 1623. Other dates and locations unknown,
but I assume England as Robert's father is John Bathurst "of Horsmonden".
Thanks in advance for any help,

I am descended along 2 lines from John Croton Cobbs by his first wife, Martha Rebecca Hunt. John's 3rd wife was Margaret Hening Waller whom he married in 1834. Would really like to hear from anyone who has information on John's ancestry. Thanks,
Bob Dandridge

I'm searching for the connection of Nancy WALLER to the STAMPER family shown in this census: Talbot Co., GA 1850 #612 Martin W. STAMPER 56 VA wife Lucretia 50 GA, in household: Martin 26, dau-in-law Susan, his dau Litamia TX & Susan, then Lucretia & Mary, John CARROLL, 30 TN, NANCY WALLER, 79, NC
Ina Wallace

I am looking for connections to the family of Leonard Cecil and Phoebe (Waller) Calvert who were married 21 May 1885. At one time they lived in Van Wert County, OH. Their son Willie Cecil married Wava Ruth Shadley. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My grandfather was Marvin B. Waller, He lived most of his life in Wichita Falls, TX. He had a brother John L. Waller who lived most of his life in Utica, OK. Marvin's son, my father is Riley John L. Waller born in Monahans, TX in 1950. I believe that my Great grandfather may have been John Waller also, but I'm not sure. If anyone has any information please let me know at
Allen & Melissa Scott

I am researching Robert Waller b. ca 1500 England married Elizabeth ____?____. Their son, John b. 1533/35 Eng. d. possible Rattlesden, Suffolk Co. England mar. Annie Pix? (aka Jane/Joan). Possibly married twice?
Cynthia Cochran Scheuer

I am looking for any information on Sam W. Waller. I believe he may have been from Tennessee. He moved to San Saba County, Texas and raised his family. He was married to Mary E. Ray. At least the first two children Mary Ella b;5/15/1870 and Emma b; 11/1867 were born in TN. He also had a brother named John Robert Waller b;3/10/1840 TN who married Mary Elizabeth Clemments on 9/15/1859 in Rutherford County, TN. Any information on these two men and possible siblings and parents would be appreciated.
Kristy Williams

I am looking for any information on William Joseph Waller born November 28, 1853 and Kitty McLindy Kingrey born January 10, 1857. They died in 1882 and 1883 leaving two daughters who were adopted out. They were from the Barren County, Kentucky area. Any information at all would be helpful.
Betty White

Need Ancestors and Descendants of ANN ( NANCY) WALLER who married ADAM
FISHER, JR. Nov 2, 1813 in Garrard Co., KY. I have a massive amount of
information on the Fisher lines and I am related on the Waller lines
also! Please contact me!
Cary Schooling Campbell

I have Thomas WALLER in my family - born: ca. 1609 in England and died: in Connecticut I think.
He married a Sarah WOLTERTON and had a daughter named Bridget..

Appreciate any help.
Christine Wetzold

I am trying to locate descendants of Hilma Viktoria Waller (born 27 Jun 1873) and her sister Sigrid Mathilda Waller (born 24 Oct 1875). They were sisters of my grandfather John Hjalmar Waller. They emigrated from Sweden in 1883 with their parents P.W. Waller and Klara Mathilda Johannsdotter and siblings, eventually settling in Holdrege, Phelps County, Nebraska.

Hilma married Charles Kriel and moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa. There were at least 2 children - Charles and Esther. Sigrid married Frank Kennedy and moved to Denver, Colorado. They had at least 3 children - James, Francis, and Helen.

Joanne (Waller) Hardeman

I am searching for a Doctor Waller who after the Civil War went with a group of ex-Confederates to Honduras, Central America and established an American colony there. Please reply if you know of this Waller family member.
E. Coleman Jr.

I am a descendant of a German Waller, and while I do not have the necessary knowledge to assist with a German Waller page, I would like to contact any other German Waller researchers to share/compare information.  My German Wallers originated from Finsterwalde Germany, Stettin Germany, and France before that.

Need help in locating the parents of my ggrandfather. James Pinckney Waller was born in NC abt 1852. The first time I find him is in Polk Co, Tn in 1870 living with the Calaway York family. In 1875, he married Minerva Jane Hughes somewhere around Polk Co, Tn. He died in 1886, either in Texas or Arkansas. Looked thru the 1850 and 1860 census for the surrounding states and can not find him with parents.
Betty Kirby

My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Waller. My brother's daughter is to marry a Bevan Waller. So my mother had a grandmother Waller and will have a grandaughter Waller. My mother comes from Yorkshire and my
Brother still lives there.There appears no connection between our family and Bevan's family. My grandmother's brother went to Canada in 1911 we believe his descendants live in Calgary and would like to hear from
them.  Please email me with any information.
Pat Kun

Looking for information on Clifford Waller married to Melvilda Muncy from Wayne County WV. Daughter Mary Elizabeth Waller married James Thomas Messer. They had more children but I'm not too sure on the names...Thank you..

I am trying to trace Anne Young nee Waller. Husbands name was Edwin Young. Parents John Waller and Sarah Little died 24 July 1919 in QLD Austalia. They had a daughter Nellie Young who was born in 1871 at Lewisham Kent, England

Edward (Eddie) Waller

My grandad was James Robert Waller b. 8/8/1903 in Washington County, Georgia d. 11/24/74 in Macon, Ga. his father was Jefferson Davis Waller b. early 1860's ( We think around 1862, he was 3-4 years old when Sherman came thru) in Washington County, Ga married Sallie Mae Pittman. We cannot find his father's name.
Appreciate any help
Harvey Hammock

Looking for descendants of JOHN IRVIN, NANCY CAROLINE(KATE), WILLIAM DAVID, GEORGE WASHINGTON, AND SARAH FRANCES(FANNY) WALLER. All were born in middle Tennessee and moved to Illinois about 1854. Their father died and mother remarried ISAAC CHILDERS. Some of the kids stayed in Illinois in Christian or Sangamon County. Others moved to Texas. Father's name was TAVNER or JAMES TAVNER and mother was LUCINDA CINTHIA FORILLA RUTLEDGE. Any help would be appreciated.
Please email Jane

We believe John Waller was from Ohio but do not yet know the County. His wife was named Elizabeth but we need a surname
John Waller b. 1828 or 1829 Ohio
+ Elizabeth unknown b. 1831 or 1832 Ohio
2. Deborah J. Waller b. 1858? in Indiana
2. Marion W. Waller (a son) b. 1859 in Indiana
2. Phoebe Waller b. 21 Feb. 1856 Steubin Co. Indiana d. 5 Dec. 1937 Colville, Wa.
+ John Hardenbrook b. 16 Aug. 1852 Noble Co. Ind. d. 30 July 1931 Colville, Wa.
Theresa Allen

I am a descendant of Martha Waller. Martha was born, May 1, 1894, in Boma, Putnam County, TN. She died March 4, 1976 in Madera California and is buried in Oklahoma. She married George Richard Lee in January, 1916. They had six children. We would very much like to know Martha's parents. If you have any information about this family,
please email Cheryl.

I'm searching for info on Thomas and Susan Waller who lived in or around Napanee Ontario. They had a daughter, Matilda born 1864, in Kingston,Ont. Both were interned at Riverside Cemetery Lennox & Addington County; in the township of Richmond. There may have been other children, Alice, William Thornton
Any help would be great, thanks,Tony
Anthony A. (Tony) Towers

My great grandfather was Hiram Waller, M.D. born in PA or Ohio. Looking for any information on his parents and grandparents. Thanks.
Jerry Kates

Searching for information on Mary C. Waller, married George F. Swann in Caroline County, Virginia on April 13, 1946. Any information on her parents, siblings, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Louise Brown

I have a copy of a will by Wyatt Singleton, I found this in the Pike Co. Courthouse. I believe him to be my ggrandfather. In this will he lists Nancy Ann Chrismas (?) as his wife. Martha Waller as a daughter.
Other children listed are Jeremiah J. Singleton, Lucretia Sanders (?), Nancy Patrick, Wyatt Singleton, Wm. W. Singleton (listed as executor), Eliza (?), Polly Israel, and Sarah Singleton.
The will was written in 1847 (If I am reading it right). My father's birth certificate lists his father as being Wyatt Alfred Singleton, born in Pike County in 09/29/1887 died in 09/10/1944 and buried in Tyrone, GA Georgia (The Rock Baptist Church Cemetery). I am unable to prove that Martha Singleton Waller is my gg-aunt. I would love any information that you have.
Cindy Singleton Collum

My Great Grandfather Arthur Murray Waller was born in India in 1850. His father was T.Waller M.D. M.R.C.S. H.E.C.I.S. At some time Arthur Murray Waller moved to Tasmania, Australia where he married and died in 1885. Any information would be welcome.
Pat Hodgson

DOROTHY (FRENCH) WALLER lived in Orlando, Florida in the 1960's and my Great-Aunt used to correspond with her. I would like to locate the descendants of Dorothy FRENCH and _____ WALLER, as we are "cousins," and also to find info on her husband and his WALLER ancestors.

Dorothy FRENCH married a WALLER. Dorothy was the daughter of Robert William FRENCH b 1893 (poss Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY) and Florence BOUCHER.
Robert William FRENCH b 1893 was the son of John C. FRENCH (b abt 1858 Port Allegheny, PA) and Effie Deans DONSHEA (b 4 Oct 1868 Newark, NJ or NY).
John C. FRENCH and Effie Deans DONSHEA were married 16 Apr 1884 in East Aurora, Erie Co., NY. Effie is buried with her sister in Buffalo, Erie Co., NY, but we don't know where John "Jack" is.
Thanks for any clues to help me find this mysterious WALLER!
Karen Mohr

I am a descendant of William B. Waller, Green Bradford Waler, Egbert Waller; all of St.Helena PArish, LA. Any information on any of the three would be appreciated.
Don Etheridge

Looking for information for Jeremiah Waller, who was probably born between 1740-1750 in the Suffolk County area, England. He married Elizabeth Huggings (or Huggins). They has at least one son, named William Waller. The son, William Waller was probably born around 1770 and married Mary Whiteman. They also had at least one son, named William Whitehead Waller, born May 3, 1795.
Please email any information to me
Peter Alan Waller

Ray Waller, Sr. was a brother to Otto Waller who married Mary Hubbard in Chatfield, Fillmore County, Minnesota. They had a son Herbert and then Mary died in 1912 or 1913. Otto and Herbert, according to Ray, Jr. lived in a shack on Ray, Sr's farm for a few years and then no one seems to know anymore about them.
Any information would be appreciated.

JESSE WALLER b 1813 married Nancy FOUTS/FOUST b 1821 in Rowan Co., NC in 1849. I believe he is the son of George WALLER b ca 1775, and Elizabeth Trexler.
Their other children: Peter WALLER b ca 1803, Jonathan WALLER , George WALLER b 1806, Charles WALLER b ca 1807, Lawrence WALLER b ca 1810, Elizabeth WALLER b. ca 1818, Valentine WALLER b ca 1819, Rosy WALLER b ca 1826
Joyce Jackson Koontz

Searching for parents of Louis Waller born 5 May 1828, married Susan Lane in Illinois on 18 Feb 1848 and died 15 Nov 1899 in Hamilton co. Illinois. They had the following children, Martha, Parry, America E., Sephronia, John, Jarrett, Richard, Oscar, Lewis and Ellen.

Researching Jacob WALLER who married Rhoda TROWBRIDGE Dec. 31, 1841. Children: Marry, Louisa, John, George, Dora, Andrew, Emma Jane b. 1/1/1859; d. 3/30/1912 married Roswell SUTTON; and Katharyn Waller married Preston HOWARTH. Jacob is said to have had a twin brother named Issac. Any information on his line is greatly appreciated.

Looking for any information on Walter James Waller, married to Mary Waller, who lived in Georgia in the mid 1800's. He was descended from an unknown Waller who imigrated from Germany.
James Waller Jr.

I am researching the Waller line of Richard Waller and his wife Mary A. C. in Smith Co., Tennessee in 1840 census. His daughters Joannah and Nancy married Vancil Anderson who moved to Missouri after the deaths of Richard Waller and Vancil's parents, all in a short period of time.
Any help would be appreciated.
Donna Barnes

Anyone related,or have info on, Joel Waller,foreman on the Halle plantation,Hickman County,TN, after the Civil War? Or his decendant,Howard Waller,of Franklin,Tn area,farmer,during the Great Depression?
Mike Waller

Searching for the following people:

1.) Nathan G. WALLER m. Aug 23, 1827 in Crawford Co., GA to Elizabeth RAY.
2.) Henry WALLER m. Jan 1, 1831 in Crawford Co., GA to Mary ABBOTT.
3.) Henry WALLER b. 1810 in GA.
4.) Can anyone make a connectio with the surname BINION to the WALLER family?
5.) James Starling WALLER b. Nov 3, 1836 in Crawford Co.(?), GA m. Sara(h) Jane MARTIN. Sarah Jane d. Mar 28, 1902 in Colquit Co., GA.
Theodosia (m. Robert LANIER
Nancy Perillah b. Terrell Co., GA (m. Robert Lee COLLUM)
Lillean Adina b. Dawson, Terrell Co., GA (m. John Dennis Avera)
Binion Chappelle Johnson WALLER b. Sasser, Terrell Co., GA (m. Hattie Elizzie HAYES)
Larry Binion Harrison

My father was William Lavere Waller, Jr.. His father was William Lavere Waller. His father was named Joe Waller (I assume Joseph). I live in Winnsboro, Louisiana (Franklin Parish) and have my entire life and I do not know where my waller family came from. I am starting to research and any help will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by ph at 318-435-7078.
William Wayne Waller

My line of Wallers begins with Truman Waller born about 1761, wife Patti, father Samuel Waller. Truman was living in Hull Quebec Canada by 1790, and probably earlier.
Nancy Peck

Randy Waller

I am looking for the Parents and family of Moreau J. Waller, Born October 22, 1808 Died January 07, 1876, married to Sally Sarah Maynard, born June 04, 1812, died March 02, 1882. I know he had a son by the name of George Leroy Waller, born February 07, 1836 who is my great grandfather.

I am seeking the family of Elizabeth (Betsey) Waller born ca 1800 in N.C., married Daniel Muse in Hancock County, GA on 5 Aug 1819. The service was performed by Smith Waller, J.P. Daniel & Betsey Waller Muse had the following children: Andrew Jackson b. 1820, Minerva b.1822, Gillian & Elizabeth (twins) b. 1828, and James Muse b. 1830.
Galen Chambers

Looking for information on Mark Brown and Sarah Waller Brown (Baldwin Co. GA-married 1810).

Searching for the parents of Jonas WALLER B. 1770 or 71 in Virginia. Married Mary Madding or Madden in 1793 in Pittsylvania County Va. They had about 8 children. My ancestor was Abner Waller Sr b 1799. I have the descendants of Abner. Any help in find the parents of Jonas WALLER or Mary MADDING would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Looking for any information on John Squire Waller born in Georgia February 1842 according to MS Census. His father born in GA and mother in SC. 1st wife Stacia B. married in 1868. She was born December 1835 in Alabama with father born in GA and mother in Alabama. 2nd wife was Sarah Jane Elliott born in MS about 1865 with both parents born in MS. John Squire served in the CSA Co D 40 ALA Inf. He is buried in Wayne County MS at Waller Ridge Cemetary. Need anything concerning actual dates of birth.death, marriages, parents, siblings, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Please Email me, Sue

Eliza Waller married Joseph Emmerton, son of William Emmerson?/Emmerton and Elizabeth Floyd, on 27th November 1854 in Flitton with Silsoe, Bedfordshire. Eliza was born about 1835 as I found a record of her age in the immigration register when she and her husband with their young family sailed for Australia on the QUEEN BEE in 1860. I would appreciate any information.
Heather Gillespie

My Great-grandmother was Katherine Waller. She was born 2 July 1862 in St, Nazianz, WI and died 7 April 1935 in Marshfield,WI. She married William Zenner 15 January 1884. Her father was Wenzeslaus Waller and her mother was Ann Lafaneth (Spelling maybe be wrong). Any help would be appreciated.
Kathleen Englebretson

I am looking for a mr. Ron Waller who worked in the early fifties in Hull at a company called Guksten or Gliksten Doors Ltd. In 48/49 he married a dutch woman called "Willi Scheltinga" born may 3, 1921. Till 1953 they lived in Hull (UK). After 1953 it seems that they moved to Canada. It means that after 1953 nothing has been heard of them. becauseof the ages of brothers and sisters of Willi Scheltinga we like to know what happened to the both of them. So... if it souns familiaire to anybody...pse let me know

Frans Geldman

Looking for any and all info on following family: Jake/Jacob WALLER,married Marie TABOR, dau. of John TABOR and Katherine BAUMHOFF. Marie born in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI ca 1860's-1870's.Jake had a cabin on Mount Baldy, San Bernardino Co., CA ca 1920's? 1930's? They had 2 children: son Hans WALLER, married Rita? and he was an architect in California; and a daughter Elaina Marie? resided in California.
Rick & Sandi Loftis Komosinski

On behalf of my mother I'm searching for a "Ron Waller" moved to USA, Canada or Australia with his wife (named: Scheltinga) Originally they lived in Hull, UK and they met at the end of World War 2.
Frans Geldman

Looking for information regarding Anne Waller b. abt 18 Feb. 1561/62 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. She is married to Christopher Strutt July 14, 1590 Rattlesden, Suffolk, Eng. I show her dying abt 22 July, 1611 Rattlesden, Suffolk, Eng.
Her parents are John Waller b. abt 1533 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, Eng. and died about 28 March, 1593 Rattlesden, Suffolk, Eng. His wife was a Joane. I think his father was Robert Waller but not sure.

Christopher Strutt and Anne Waller had a daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas Scott. Thomas and Elizabeth came to Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. None of the Waller's that I have came to America that I know of. Any help will be appreciated.
Betty Jo Long

I am seeking information on John Alcemine WALLER born c.1823 in Kent, England. John's parents were William WALLER & Lydia SWAZLAND. John married Charlotte Ann MORRIS in Cobham, England c.1846.

David Roberts

I am researching Wallers of Woodbridge, Suffolk, England in 1832 came via London, England to Saltfleet County, Canada William Whiteman Waller-researched descendants in Canada back to England
Bob Wray

Researching Zachariah Waller, died abt. 1790, of Halifax/Pittsylvania County. Was he or John Waller, Jr., the father of Richard Waller? Both owned land in the Halifax/Pittsylvania County area and were sons of John Waller, Sr., of Amelia County, and the Cub Creek settlement of Charlotte, County before becoming a land owner in the Halifax/Pittsylvania County area. Zachariah was paid for service in Dunmore's War.
I am a descendent of Christopher C. Waller, (Private, 3rd Virginia Cavalry, ANV), a son of Richard Waller, a son of Cuthburt Waller, a son of Richard Waller. Will share information on these families.
Douglas Waller Powell

I need information on Amos Waller born early 1800's in NC. married Nancy, also born in N.C. They were the parents of John Ivy Waller born Mar 19, 1849 in TN. They are listed in the 1850 Henderson Co., TN Census records.
Cary Schooling Campbell

I am interested in a Jane Waller, who married Thomas Dell, 23 June 1836 in Harrison County, Ohio. Later the family was in Tuscarwas County, Ohio. Would like to find the parents of Jane, and if there were any brothers or sisters. Thanks.
Wayne Stafford

I know that Robert and Hannah Waller immigrated from England to America in 1834 with their son John who was age 2.
Robert Waller's parents may have been Thomas WALLER and Jane WAKE.
How can I find passenger ships from England in 1834?
Also....I cannot locate death date for Hannah.
I have it narrowed down to 1880-90. She appears on the census in 1880 at the age of 74.
Robert died September 3, 1879 in Solon, Ohio and was buried with many family members in Bedford Cemetary in Bedford, OH.
Searching for much and want to take my search back to England. Also pursuing the family line forward.
Email Deborah Adams

I would appreciate any info on my 4th great-grandfather, Joseph Waller. He was born abt. 1765 in TN or VA. Need his wife's name. He was listed in tax records of Old Sumner Co. TN in 1790 and moved to Illinois abt. 1815-1818. His son, Eli, b. abt 1790 in TN. married Polly (who?).
Eli's daughter, Mary Ellen Waller, b. 1823 in Illinois, married Allen Francisco (he married 5 times but had 7 children by Mary Ellen)

Shirley Wicker Hendrix

William WALLER b. @1832 m. 1854 Sullivan Co. Mo. Nancy Ara SMITH.
Thomas WALLER b. 1856 Mo. m. 1877 Livingston Co. Mo. Elizabeth CLEM.
Elias WALLER m. Rebecea CADWELL
Seeking any info on the above named people.
Jack Wilford

I am the grandson of John Edmund Waller of Asheville, NC (1905-1985). He was born in Patrick County, VA. He was deaf and worked on the family history for years. I hope someone can help me learn more about him.

John Wilson

I am seeking information regarding Percy William Waller born abt 1892 in New York State, Lived in Rochester 1910 to 1920 and his mother, Louise H Waller, born abt 1872, maiden name unknown.

Ralph Waller

1850 census for Henderson Co. TN list the following family
Amos Waller 32 M NC
Nancy Waller 29 F NC
?? Waller 6 F TN
Sarah Waller 4 F TN
John Waller 2 M TN
If anyone has info on this family please contact me. Thanks


I am searching for information on the family of David G. Waller b.abt 1812 in OH; his sister Susan married Thomas Cannon and lived in PA. David m.13 Mar 1834 Turnbull Co, OH to Catherine Webber b.abt 1814 PA death dates & places unknown to me at this time. I believe they had 3 sons & 1 dau and lived in Portage Co, OH. My 2nd greatgrandfather Hiram Waller b.19 Dec 1834 PA, graduated from accounting school in OH and then entered med. school also in OH and on the 26 Nov 1860 m. in MO. Any help will be appreciated and I will be glad to exchange info. Always thought the G. stood for George and that his father's name was George. No documentation.

Barbara Jones

Martha Ann Waller born March 13, 1830, Kentucky, died Oct.4, 1897, Dassel, Meeker County, Minnesota. Her fathers name was Thomas Waller. She married Peter J. Cunningham in Johnson County, Kentucky on January 1, 1852.
Email Leah Myltoft

I am looking for Lewis Waller's parents. He was born November 11, 1811, in Ohio. He married Philena Osborn on May 2, 1834, in Ohio. His father's name was Lewis, but I am hunting his mother's name and more about his family. He is my g-g-grandfather.
Jeanette Waller Sneed

My name is John H.(Jay) Garner and I am a descendant of Mary Waller (1699-1781). Mary was a daughter of Col. John Waller (1673-1754), the original "Endfield Waller" of Spotsylvania County, Virginia va. William Spencer Garner and his wife Mourning E. Adams came to Newton County, Missouri mo from Tennessee tn, probably Rutherford County.

Email Jay Garner

My father was Thomas George Waller B 10 Jul 1912 in Dayton Oh. His parents were George William Waller and Cora Lee Cosby. George William is where my problems begin. We think he was born in Springville Ut abt 1885 (can't find a birth record), and disappeared from Cinncinati Oh when my father was apprx 3-4 years of age. There was never any word of him, where or when he died. He listed on the marriage cert, his parents as George Waller (of Chicago) and Augusta Garbe. I don't believe that George and Augusta were ever married. She was married to Ferdinand Arnswald at the time my ancestor was born. The family believes that Augusta either knew him in Prussia (Wlallerstein?) and became pregnant on the voyage to America. She was traveling without her husband. Or he was a neighbor in Chicago. She traveled on to Utah to have the baby and turn him over to her parents who were there. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Laurie Pofahl

I am a descendant of Robert Waller (1810-1879) born in Syth, England. Robert's son John Waller (1832-1881) was born in England and died in Bedford, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He married Jessie Laing (1838-1896) who was born in Roxburgshire, Scotland.
Email Debbie (Appleby) Adams

I am looking for information on Cornelius Waller (1841-1917) and wife Mary Ann Hall Waller (1842-1923). Fathers were William Waller and Jerry Hall. Both were born in Ky. They were married in 1866. Children were Robert, Patton, Mary, Julia, Lizzie lee, and Matilda. Willie and Jennie died in infancy. They lived in Padonia, Brown County, KS.

Hank & Barbara Kottmann

Need any information on William Amos Waller born Oct 18, 1873, married July 17, 1895 to Sarah Elizabeth Reedy in White County, Ark. Amos's parents were John Ivy Waller born Mar 19, 1849, married Aug 14, 1870 to Adline Stites. John Waller died Jan 18, 1874. William Amos and his sister Nancy Waller, were raised by their grandmother, Jane Stites in Searcy, Ark. I need lots of help!
Thank you.
Cary Schooling Campbell

Looking for a father of James Monroe WALLER born Hancock Co., GA in 1808. Married Susan MCCOY in AL in 1833. Listed in Chamber Co., AL census in 1850. Listed in Clairborn Parish LA in 1860. In the 1870 census he is in Columbia Co., AR. James Monroe died in Columbia Co., AR in 1883. Who is the father of James Monroe WALLER???
Thanking you in advance.
Patsy Ann Talley

DORA (EUDORA?) WALLER b. Aug. 24, 1862, DuQuois, Illinois died December 13, 1936, St. Louis,MO
Her parents were:
NANCY HOGAN, b. Georgia
This information was obtained from DORA WALLER's death certificate.
I would love to know if anyone recognizes this family.

Email Judi

Looking for any ancestors or relatives of Herbert Harold WALLER, Sr. b.1917, Decatur, IL d. 1987 Lake Worth, FL. He had siblings Elizabeth, Richard, Frank & Gloria all of Decatur IL. His mother's maiden name may have been MILLER or MUELLER. His first wife' s name was Margaret. They had a son, Herbert Harold, Jr.
His second wife was Flora CHAPMAN PRICE. They had sons Rod (myself) and Daniel Joseph both born in FL. Would appreciate any information.
Rod Waller

I am a descendant of William Waller (Col.) , born Jun 1714; died 10 Jan 1760. He married on 21 Jun 1738 in Spotsylvania county, VA, Ann Stanard , born 26 Jun 1711, daughter of William Stanard, Jr. and Ann Hazlewood .
I am interested in exchanging information with other descendants of William. I have a page in Spotsylvania County listing my genealogy.
William R. (Bill) Scott

James Waller (1768-1817) born DE, and Elizabeth Patsy Ellis (1772-1845) born DE, lived in Hancock County, Georgia. James was an officer in the "War of 1812" and Elizabeth's father, Levin Ellis, was a veteran of the "Revolutionary War". I would appreciate any information on the parents or ancestors of this couple.
Janet Malcom

Jesse Waller (1758-1837 born Berkely County, WV married Mary Molly Farley (1760-1841). Mary was born in York County PA. Jesse died in Morgan County Ohio. Any information on this couple or their ancestors would be appreciated.
Margaret Haylett

I am descended from Thomas Waller and his wife, Martha Matilda Grape, who came to Marion County, Missouri from Jessamine County, Kentucky. His parents were William E. Waller and Elizabeth J. Smith who were married in Jessamine County, January 27, 1824. tn mo
Email Delores J. Boyd

Searching for any information on Ketturah (Ketrulla) Waller born about 1819 Davidson Co, TN & died about 1860 in Davidson Co, Tn. married a William R. Owen. Any help would be appreciated.
Richie Rich

I am seeking information on the origins of the Waller family in Holland. I have information that traces the name back to 1630 but the trail stops there. There is one school of thought that says they came from England with the Pilgrims.
Rob Waller

I am searching for info on Samuel Logan Waller 21Jan1882 - 29Sep1953. Born in Philadelphia, MO (Marion County)
Samuel married Henrietta Mabel Ross on 01 April 1905 in Davenport, Ia.
Ralph Logan: 24Jul1909 - 1949
Edith Louise: 14Feb1911 - 13Feb1975
Dorothy Mae: 22Nov1913 - 20May1959
Vicki Vares

My Ggrandparents were Wallers living in or near Thomaston and Barnsville Georgia. My grandmother's name was Beulah and she had sisters named Nettie, Jeffie and Effie. Brothers named George, Carl, Ezra. Beulah married before she married my grandfather. whose name was Foster. She divorced him and married Robert Willis. My Grandmother lived in Columbus, Ga. Would appreciate information about any and all of this family. H.W. (Jack) Olive Jr.

I'm interested in information on Charles Waller of Stafford Co., Va. I believe he was listed in a census there in 1723. I don't know his wife's name, but his daughter Susan married James Withers in 1757.
Aggie Koch

George Waller married Elizabeth Trexler in Rowan County, NC, on July 13, 1802. I would appreciate any information I can get on the parents of either of these individuals.
Terry Lee Waller

My paternal grandmother was a Waller from Boone Co., KY, descended from Aldridge Waller, b. VA 10 OCT 1822, d. Boone Co, KY 8 AUG 1870. He was married to Sarah Wright in Kenton Co. KY, 30 AUG 1847. I would appreciate any information I can get on the parents of either of these individuals.
Patrick K. Ryan

I am a direct descendent of Jonas Waller who settled in Pittsylvania County, Va. in the 1700's. Jonas Waller and Mary Madding married Feb. 1793. In some of my papers the county of Goochland was found. The family of Thomas Slayden was found in Goochland and other Slayden's were found in New Kent Co. The Slaydens served in the American Revolution.
I would appreciate any information I can get having anything to do with the above.

I am researching Wallers in Lenoir & Duplin Counties, NC. 3 GGfather Joseph Waller (born about 1792, died Jan. 1878) married Rebecca Williamson before 1816. Lived in New Hanover, Duplin, and in 1830's moved to Woodington area of Lenoir County, NC. Probably son of Nathanial Waller. Any information helpful.
Brian Moulton

I'm trying to find anything on my 6th Grandmother Winnifred Waller b: ? d: June 10,1798 married to Marquis Calmes. They were married in Virginia in 1726. The only child I know for sure they had was Isabella who married William Richardson.
Kenneth Shannon

I'm looking for the parents of my G grandfather Luther Jefferson Waller born 11/4/1876, Tompkinsville, KY. married 1/21/1900 to Hettie Farice McCormack. I do know they lived in Tompkinsville, Kentucky
Ted Wnorowski

MARY ETTA WALLER was married to Phillip None. She was born in Thomasville, Ga., on 11-02-1854, had two children, Philip and Lula. Her husband died, date unknown. She then married David Alexander Rose, Brooklyn NY, date unknown . They had three daughters, Lillian, Leila, and Osceola, born in Thomasville. Maty Etta died in 1912 and is buried in Savannah, GA. Looking for any information on this family.
Cheryl Rachels

Looking for ROBERT WALLER in Pittsylvania Co, VA. His daughter, Mary P. Waller was born about 1808 and married 16 Jan 1826 in Pittsylvania Co VA to James C. McCulloch. Her father was listed as Robert Waller.
Henry Duitman

Am looking for any ancestors or present-day relatives of Benjamin Waller, born early 1880s in Whitby, Yorkshire. He moved to the Newcastle area after 1900 to go to the Boer War but never made it and stayed in Newcastle. Married twice. Benny, Bobby,and Tommy were the living children from his first marriage, Minnie and Barry were the children from his second.
Andrew Waller

I seek the family of my Elizabeth WALLER who married between 1820 and 1830 to Isaac N SPEAS of Tobaccoville, Stokes (now in Forsyth) County, North Carolina. Some of their progeny were Squire, Katherine, and Peter Hironimus SPEAS.

Would appreciate any information on the children of Nathaniel Waller and Elizabeth Strobridge from Somerset County, Maryland. Children: Zephanaih b. 1744; Nathaniel, b. 1746; John, b. 1749; Joseph b, 1751; Nelly, b. 1754; Elizabeth, b. 1757. I am descended from Joseph Waller and Elizabeth Flint, Franklin and Baldwin Counties, Georgia ga.
Email Kathryn Broussard

Looking for parents of Thomas WALLER, b. VA ca 1763; m. Jennie CARTER, ca 1786, NC.; to Blount Co., TN by 1800. Children: RICHARD, AARON, MARY, SARAH, and THOMAS C. Thomas settled in IN, Richard and John in IL.

Richard R. Duran

My mother's father, Thomas Waller, died in 1918 during the swine flu epidemic in Jenks, OK. He was married to Grace Pryor. Their children were: Esther, Thomas, Virginia (my mother), and Dixie (all deceased). If you have any information regarding this family, I would appreciate knowing. After 1918, the family split up and the children eventually ended up in orphanges. Grace lived until 1975 and never remarried.

Mary Gilleran

Cicely Waller, b. prob. abt 1560, prob. Chesham Par. Buckinghamshire,England, said to be the daughter of the Widow Birch, m. 1581, d. aft 1599, m. 1581, Chesham Parish, Buckinghamshire, England, Richard Twitchell (1540- ), son of George Twitchell. Ch: Joseph, b. 1582; Mary, b. 1584; Martha, b. 1586; Anne, b. 1589; Sarah, b. 1591; Lazarus, b. 1594;, Miriam, b. 1596; Benjamin, b. 1599 all in Chesham Par.

John Rinehart

I am trying to prove a link between Elizabeth Waller and James Pritchett. Family legend has it that James Pritchett b ca 1760 married Elizabeth Waller ca 1782/85 in Spotsylvania, Va. James died ca 1800 in same County. Elizabeth with her children moved to Hopkins County, Ky. Many of the children have the names of Abney and Waller as their given name. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Betty J. Ralph

Looking for help on Julia Waller. I was told she was born around 1776 in Virginia and died (10-07-1844?) in Missouri. She married William Haley who was born about 1778 in Virginia and died in 1860 (buried in Antioch cemetary, Randolph County, MO. Julia also was buried in Missouri although I'm not sure if in Antioch Cemetary.

Tatiana Mayo

Looking for George W. Waller born circa 1826 in KY, mar. Jan 6, 1848 to Elizabeth Goble (b. circa 1830 in VA) in Floyd. Co KY. Issue: Eda, Sarah Jane, Margaret, William and George W. Need George Sr.s parents. Possible relation to William G. Waller b. Mar 31, 1821, KY his parents Jacob Waller and Amy Kelly or Catherine Porter (Johnson Co. KY). William married Drusilla Flanagan, March 2, 1851 (Johnson Co) eventually moved to Hubbard Co. MN. Their children, Sarah Ann, Alexander J., Columbus, Thomas, Vincent, and Emma. George Waller Jr. moved to Meeker Co. MN.

Beth Waller

I am researching my Waller line who lived in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham,Wilkes and Washington Co., Ga. having come from (probably) Maryland.Possibly VA before that. George W. Waller, b. 1800 in Bryan Co., GA.,mother named Jemima, George's uncle named Hiram Waller who was born in Maryland. Some relation to Samuel Waller who was in Wilkes Co. 1783. Will be pleased to exchange information and appreciate any help I can get.

Ann R. Davis

John Waller from Knoxville, TN died 1940's(?) in Milsap, Texas. Can he be traced back? Had one brother, George, veteran WW1, died of consumption in a VA Hospital somewhere in Indiana during the late 20's or early 30's. Had a sister in Knoxville, when he left home as a youngster.Any information on his line would be appreciated.

Barry Kelly

Would like information on parents of Jesse Waller, Revolutionary War veteran. Born 4/22/1758 in Berkeley County, Virginia and died in Noble County, Ohio in 1837. Wife was Mary (Molly) Farley.

Robert Waller

I am searching for family of Amos Waller and sister Nancy Jane Waller born 1871 in Arkansas. Nancy was my great grandmother and was an orphan when she married my grandfather George I. Quattlebaum . They were married in White Co. Arkansas in 1888. The census records show Nancy and Amos living with their maternal grandmother Jane Stites. Amos was married to Lizzy ( could be nickname ) I have been unable to find out anything about their parents. Would be grateful for any information you can give me and will of course help in any way I can, thanks, Mitzi
Email Mitzi

Elizabeth WALLER married to Rev. William ELLIS of Lunenburg County VA. He was a Rev. War Soldier, and he and second wife Polly Clark Leonard moved to Baldwin County GA in early 1800's. I have nothing on the Wallers.

Rich Ellis

Looking for info on Mary WALLER b. ca 1819 OH, d. 1854-60?, m. Jehiel(?) ALLISON 1838 Morgan Co., OH. Parents of Sarah Bertha ALLISON, b. 1847 Washington Co, OH?

Sue R. Peltier

Mary Waller was the daughter of William B. Waller (1752-1832). I'm trying to learn the identity of Mary's husband, whose surname was Severns or Soverns. They were living in what is now Preston Co., West Virginia in 1811 when a son John Severns/Soverns was born.Tom Severns. 01/97

Tom Severns

Does anyone know anything about a A.C.D. Waller b 1815 in Georgia (Upson Co ?) I do not know who his first wife was, but second wife was Harriet Thornton who he married in Chambers Co. Alabama 2/11/1842)

Gayle Keough

We are looking for any relatives to any of our ancestors, who moved to America in the late 19th century from Oggenhausen and Nattheim, Swabia (Schwaben), Germany.The data we have about them is: Matthäus Waller, either born 1880 or 1880 already living in America. Christian Waller, born 1821 went to America, but no date known. Michael Waller, born 23. Feb 1861, 1886 in America, perhaps New York. Jakob Waller, born 8. May 1859, 1887 in Basel (Switzerland), about 1889 in America. Kaspar Waller, born 4. Oct 1862, went to America. Matthäus Waller, 29. Sep 1880, went to America (might be the same as the first one) If you know anything about them please let us know.

Frank (Waller) Gorgas

Thomas John Waller married Katherine Smith of London, England. I would appreciate any information I can get on this couple. They had at least four children :Thomas John, Alfred, George J. and William Valentine.

Robin (Waller) Barrett

Does anyone know of an AMANDA WALLER that was born about 1831 in Ohio? She married John Page in Harrison County, Ohio on 2 Mar 1846. By 1860 census they were living in Van Wert County, Ohio and had 7 children. John died during the Civil War. She disappeared after that and the children were all raised by other people and she did not draw John's pension. Don't know if she met with foul play or remarried. She was my ggrandmother and I do not know who her parents or siblings were,

Barbara Held

John and Emaline (Farmer) Waller moved to Wayne County, Missouri about 1860. They were married in Grainger County, Tennessee on January 17, 1841. I would appreciate any help I can get on this couple, their ancestors or descendants.

Betty Johnson

George Waller, born in 1831 in Field Dalling, Norfolk. He came out to Australia in 1856 and married in Geelong, eventually settling in Ballarat, (which is where we are now!). His parent names as listed on his marriage certificate are Isaac Waller and Elizabeth Ransome, but of these two we can find no trace. We have started researching the Suffolk line in the hopes that somewhere along the line it may tie in with ours. Any help will be appreciated and we will be pleased to exchange information. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Kate Lillingston

Kathleen Smith

Looking for ancesors/siblings of Levin Waller. Duplin Co., NC.  died
Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX.  m. Elizabeth  ca 1830.  They lived in
GA, Barbour Co., AL and Coffee Co., AL before immigrating to TX after
1854.  He is listed in the 1860 census for Cherokee Co., TX.
Appreciate correspondence.

Harold E. Emerson Jr

Jonas Memory Waller  b: December 29, 1803 in Pittsylvania Co. Virginia
d.  September 25, 1884 in Rusk County, Texas

Paul O'Briant

I am looking for information on Barbara Waller 1815-1896 She married
Rowland Goss in I think Granville Co. NC on 11-19-1829 .  I know her father
was Thomas Waller.

Nancy Whitman

Researching the descendants of Dr. Thomas Waller, Stafford Co, VA, (b Sept 14, 1774)-(d July 23, 1823). Married Elizabeth McFarlane, (1773-1825) born in Bourbon Co, KY.

Earl B. Robb

Searching the descendants of John & Mary (Pomfrett) WALLER of Spotsylvania Co., VA. "The Endfield Wallers". My connection comes from Lydia WALLER (1777-1867), dau. of John and Mary (Small) WALLER. Lydia married 1795 to John Thomas ROBB in Washington Co., KY.

Rob McDade

Looking for William A Waller, married Mary V Shivers, c1850, GA.

George D. Waller

Looking for Thomas Waller who married Eliza Johnston in Gibson Co, TN on Nov 15, 1843.

Robyn Smith


Fred Wallace

My connection comes through Mary Ann Waller (1787-1813). She married Jared Ellison Groce, who with his son Leonard Waller Groce moved to Texas as part of Austin's 300 in 1822.

Susan Sylke

Looking for a Bridget Waller from England who married a Willam Brockway.


Looking for Jesse Waller born 11/12/1788 in Stokes, NC, married Mary Priest 1818 in Floyd Ky, died 1852 in Edgar Co., IL.

Michelle Sponseller

Looking for Charles J. Waller who lived in Saratoga (Springs?). He lived and worked in the area. Thought to be a merchant in Saratoga. 1850's.

Louise Armstrong

My connection comes through Mary Winston Waller (1763-1828) married (1783) John Redd (1755-1850)

Susie Dunavant

Can anyone help me with the following? 1. Thomas Waller m. ___ Hotofte of Colombyn Hall, Suffolk, Eng. 2. John Waller m. Margaret Thorolde of Suffolk, Eng 3. Jane Waller b. 1492 m. Thomas Sherman abt 1512

Evelyn (Waller) Franklin

Homer Waller, born July 1838 in Ohio, married Anna Unknown, and founded a large Ohio family. Homer had a son Thomas who married Pricilla Marshall. Homer's parents were from New York. Can anyone help me with this family?

Alan Waller

Looking for Aaron Waller who lived around Maryville, TN in the early 1800s

Sean Van Tyne

My great grandmother is Orlettie Juliet Waller. She was born in Indiana around 1878 and married Elbert Friend who was born in Ohio about 1878. I would appreciate any help I can get on this couple.

Lou Landry

I am searching for the parents and family of Jane (Jennie) Waller born in KY about 1825. She married Aaron Price born in TN. They raised a large family in Perry Co. AR.

Trudy Lusk

Looking in Alabama for four generations of Wallers. Starting with Betty Jean and going back in time through (Ernest Canada Waller, born 12/11/1902 in Jackson County, AL) (John Wallace Waller, born 2/27/1854 in Jackson County, AL) and (Abner Waller, born 12/18/1824 in VA.)

Searching Nova Scotia for help on three generations of Wallers. Albert Doggett Waller (1909-1989), son of John William Waller (1864-1917), son of Samuel Waller of Johnston's Crossing, ns NS (N.S.) (N. S.) (N S)
Email Jack Waller

I am researching: Bender, Eby, Fischer/Fisher, Himmelberger, Hoffmann, Kembel/Kemble, Kemp, Miller, Perry, Reber, Riegel, Schmeltz/Smeltz, Schneider/Snyder, Wentz, Wert/Wirt, Witmer, Waller, Wehmeyer
Robert Fisher

Looking for ancesors/siblings of Levin Waller. Duplin Co., NC. died 1860 Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX. m. Elizabeth ca 1830. Immigrated to TX after 1854. Appreciate correspondence.
Kathleen Smith

George Ruben Waller, born 1888 in Arkansas. Parents were Worthington Tennyson Waller and Mary Melvina Collins. A brother of George was James Alvin Waller. Family was thought to have been from New York.
Kathie Reed

Sarah Weatherly Waller b, 1760 married John Francis Lane Goddard b, 1759. They were married 1796 in Laurel, DE. Moved about 1805 to Port William (now Carrollton KY). Appreciate any information on this family.
Linda Goddard Stout

Looking for any information regarding the family of Andrew W Waller (c1843) KY married to Amanda Caroling Rushing (c1843). The family lived in Hopkins Co, TX near Sulphur Springs after about 1870.
Libby Nestler

I would appreciate any help I can get on the family of William Waller, born February 26, 1660, married Bridget Nelson. William was from Somerset County, MD
Megan Dowell

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