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One of the most ancient of the several coats of arms of the English family of Waller is that described as follows (Burke, General Armory, 1884):

Arms.--"Sable, three walnut leaves or, between two bendlets argent."

Crest.--"On a mount vert a walnut tree proper, on the sinister side an escutcheon pendent, charged with the arms of France viz., azure, three fleurs-de-lis or, with a label of three points argent."

Motto.--"Hic fructus virtutis", meaning, "This is the fruit of valour".

Both families (The Stafford County and Spottsylvania County) claim descent from the distinguished soldier of Agincourt, Sir Richard Waller, who there captured the French General, Charles, Duke of Orleans, who afterward became the King of France. Sir Richard entertained his captive at his home in Kent for twenty-four years, awaiting ransom. Through his kind treatment, a warm friendship sprang up between them and after the Duke returned to France he (the Duke) caused to be rebuilt the somewhat decayed Waller mansion at Groomsbridge.

He also requested the Knight to assume as his crest in remembrance of him, a tree in full leaf, bearing on one of its branches a shield displaying the Fluer-de-lis, the Arms of France.

Description of Coat-of-Arms: To the former bearing of the family consisting of "a shield sable; three walnut leaves, or, between two bandlets, argll- -an addition was assigned by Henry V of England, to Sir Richard, in honor of his heroic achievements, viz.: "A walnut tree proper; on the sinister side, an escutcheon pendant, charged with the arms of France (3 fleurs-de-lis), with a label of three points white, and the motto "Hic fructus virtutis."

Villare Cantium and as appears from a manuscript at the Herald's office.

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