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From this point on it's a matter of geography down to a particular County, District, Parish or Province.

Please read the following

Unlike most genealogy databases the "Waller Family" web site is structured upon a geographical framework with the county as a basic building block. The premise here is that most people have a pretty good idea of the state or county in which their ancestor was raised.

They may know nothing other than "Old GGgrandfather Waller came from Roane County, Tennessee." If thatís the case, we want them to be able to go to Roane County and find something concerning the Wallers who lived in that county. With any luck they will find a list of Waller marriages, a census, and hopefully another Waller genealogist they can email.

Finding this other Waller researcher can be the most important. If they are interested in the same county, chances are they share some common ancestors.

The "Waller Family" web site is intended to be a "Reference Work." Unless they are Waller descendants, there is little or no interest in other surnames. Obviously if a Waller woman marries a man named John Doe we become very interested in the DOE family. All Waller descendants are urged to send us a GEDCOM.
An individual descendant page, containing an email link, will be created just for you, and linked to the appropriate county.

Most Wallers in the World are descended from someone on this list.

Please consider a donation to help keep the Waller pages on line. The Waller Family pages will be preserved here for as long as we can keep it going. Thank you. Ali.


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